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About the Canadian-Ukrainian Brigade (CUB) Personnel

CUB is formed from individuals that are Ukrainian Combat Veterans or have been providing aid and training to Ukraine since 2014. These individuals have come together under the CUB umbrella in order to set up a Network spanning Canada, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

About CUB Activities

What sets the Canadian-Ukrainian Brigade from other organizations is that it provides support directly to Canadian Volunteers of the International Legion which includes humanitarian aid, non-lethal military aid and training. It is the only Canadian organization doing so.

It is also the only organization of its type in Canada authorized by the Ukrainian Office of the Attaché to recruit for the International Legion. If you want to directly support Canadians fighting in Ukraine donate to CUB.

A. First Platoon - Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid is material and logistic assistance to people who need help. In this case, War Refugees in Ukraine. This type of aid is usually short-term help.

The primary objective of Humanitarian Aid is to Save Lives, Alleviate Suffering and Maintain Human Dignity.

CUB specializes in providing:

  • A. Non-Perishable Food
  • B. Medical Gear
  • C. Communications Gear
  • D. Baby Products
  • E. Hygiene Products
  • F. Drones
  • G. Etc.

B. Second Platoon - Non-Lethal Military Aid

Non-Lethal Military Aid is material provided to the Ukrainian Military and Security Services that do not include lethal weapons.

CUB specializes in providing the following:

  • 1. Night Vision Devices (NVDs)
  • 2. NATO Standard Body Armour
  • 3. Optics such as periscopes, scopes, sights, etc.
  • 4. Etc.

C. Third Platoon – Training

First Section - Humanitarian Workers and Non-Military Frontline Personnel

  • A. CUB is best known for developing its Battlefield Survival Course that is offered to humanitarian workers and Civilian First Aiders working in the front line or close to them
  • B. CUB is also known for Journalist Battlefield Survival Course

Second Section - Military Training

Before the Russian attack in February, 2022, many current members of CUB provided training to the Ukrainian Military and Security Services. Now, CUB is known for its recruitment and equipping of Mobile Military Teams (MTTs). Such MTTs are tailor-made based on the exact needs of the Ukrainian Unit which requests such services. This is made possible through CUB’s direct contact with frontline Ukrainian units both Army and Territorial Defence Force as well as those of the Security Services.

D. Fourth Platoon – Recruiting for the Ukrainian International Legion

Assisting the Ukrainian Military Attaché in recruiting, equipping, processing and transport of Volunteers for the International Legion of the Territorial Defence Force of Ukraine

Legion Recruitment Policy

The International Legion is prepared to accept Volunteers with military experience from Canada and the United States as long as they are as follows:

  • 1) Military experienced personnel that know how to use Anti-Tank weapon systems
  • 2) Military experienced personnel that know how to use MANPADS – Man Portable Air Defence Systems – Stingers, etc.
  • 3) Military experienced personnel that know EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • 4) Military experienced personnel that are elite troops:
    • a) 82nd and 101st Airborne
    • b) United States Marines
    • c) Etc.
  • 5) Military experienced operators from SOF – Special Operations Forces
    • a) CSOR – Canadian Special Operations Regiment
    • b) JTF-2
    • c) JTF-X
    • d) Special Forces (Green Berets)
    • e) Rangers
    • f) Delta
    • g) SEALs
    • h) Greg Fox
    • i) Etc.
  • 6) Military experienced Combat Medics
  • 7) Possibly military experienced personnel with special skills – UAV (Drone) operators, etc.
  • C. The above are in addition to Combat Veterans as cited previously.

Comment - This policy will ensure that replacements are fully trained according to Western standards.

E. Fifth Platoon - Information Operations

Conducting Information Operations on the following:

1) Humanitarian Relief and Non-Lethal Military Aid
2) International Legion
3) War in Ukraine

The Information Operations Platoon is divided into three Sections:

First Section – Media liaison

Second Section – Social Media

Third Section – Presentations and Briefings

F. Sixth Platoon – Administrative Support

Provides administrative and general support for the above as well as for the following activities:

1) Volunteer Family Support
2) Mental Health Support

Volunteers for CUB HQ Canada

CUB requires the following volunteers for service in Canada:
1. Ukrainian Translators
2. Psychiatrists/Psychologists
3. Media Support
4. Social Media Support
5. Volunteer Family Support
6. Administrative Support
7. General Support
8. Etc.

Note – If you are a College of University student in the fields of languages journalism, social work or IT, you are most welcome to get practical experience with CUB that would look good on your resume after graduation.

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